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Andre's latest completed graphic novel is an adaptation of a Florida classic, telling the tale of the pioneers who made Florida a land worth remembrance.
A Land Remembered by Patrick Smith tells the story of a Florida family who battle the hardships of the frontier to rise from a dirt-poor Cracker life to the wealth and standing of real estate tycoons. The story opens in 1858, when Tobias MacIvey arrives in the Florida wilderness to start a new life with his wife and infant son, and ends two generations later in 1968 with Solomon MacIvey, who realizes that the land has been exploited far beyond human need. The sweeping story that emerges is a rich, rugged Florida history featuring a memorable cast of crusty, indomitable Crackers battling wild animals, rustlers, Confederate deserters, mosquitoes, starvation, hurricanes, and freezes to carve a kingdom out of the swamp. But their most formidable adversary turns out to be greed, including finally their own. Love and tenderness are here too: the hopes and passions of each new generation, friendships with the persecuted blacks and Indians, and respect for the land and its wildlife.
From 2016-2018, Andre adapted and developed this timeless novel into a graphic adaptation. Andre has been quoted on saying: "As book heavily immersed in the theme of generational development, it seemed fitting that A Land Remembered be adapted and evolved into a novel that is better suited for the next generation who are growing up on graphic novels and comics. However, this is not to serve as a replacement to the original book, but rather a companion."
UPDATE: Winner of Bronze in Visual Effects category of the the 2018 Florida Book Awards 
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