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the yearling

Following the success of A Land Remembered: A Graphic Novel, I decided to attempt to pursue adapting another famous Florida classic, The Yearling, written by Marjorie Kenan Rawlings. 
Similar to A Land Remembered, The Yearling takes place in the pioneer days of Florida, following the Civil War and is about a young boy saving and befriending an orphaned deer. The book was instantly iconic, and has been adapted into a movie as well as an anime. 
I had previously done some artwork for the Marjorie Kenan Rawling's Foundation to honor the 75th Anniversary of her novel. The pages I share here are from the scene leading up to Josie's encounter with the baby deer. 
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Originating from Gainesville, Florida, it's hard to grow up and not know who the famous superstar from "The Swamp"is. Tom Petty is a fixture in Gainesville, and his music and stories are the stuff of legends. 
Recently, I took a dive into learning more about Tom Petty, especially his life growing up in Gainesville and his road to stardom. I had read a biography written  about Tom Petty by Rolling Stone's writer, Warren Zane, and I instantly began to envision what a graphic novel of Tom's life would look like.
The scene here is a depiction of Tom Petty (then only age 8) meeting Elvis Presley on the Florida-set of "Follow That Dream". Zane describes the experience Tom had meeting Elvis as one of the pivotal factors of Tom pursuing his career in music. 


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