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Currently in production, Tokyo Rose: Zero Hour is based off the true story of Iva Toguri, a Japanese-American who survived World War II in Tokyo. Iva, refused to give up her American citizenship and ended up on the streets, until she found a job working in the propaganda department of Radio Tokyo. There, she teamed up with POWs to put on the show "Zero Hour", and became known to the Allied troops as "Tokyo Rose". 
This Kickstarter-funded 87 page graphic novel is a collaboration between Andre and Kate Kasenow (BOOM! Media, Form of a Question). It was successfully funded in May 2019 and will be due out in time for Iva's 104th Birthday on July 4, 2020 (yep, she was born on the Fourth of July). 
Andre and Kate have taken measures not only to preserve Iva's epic true story, but to assure that sensitivity to the Japanese-American culture and community is respected and honored. Working with 5 Asian American sensitivity editors, Tokyo Rose: Zero Hour is a story geared to honor Iva Toguri and all the Japanese-Americans who endured hardships and persecution during and after World War 2. 
You can become a supporter of the project and snag your own copy of the graphic novel in July 2020 by clicking on the link to the Indiegogo campaign below! 
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